Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Cutting off the front of a step

The relatively short steps from 1930`ies needed to be extended at the front again to carry todays shoe sizes. For a good result the frontside needed a clean cut. The weared out part of the beveled edge needed to be removed and to extend with new materieal a proper and flat surface was needed for the glue.

I couldn't remove individual steps and thus the cut turned out to be difficult. Especially the edges are difficult to reach. First thought was taking a circular hand saws with a shortened plating to come as close as possible int the corners. I haven't found a saw where this could be done without falling apart. Also the question arised on how to dive in the saw.

Finally i ended up with three tools. A plunge saw, a precision jigsaw and a multimaster. The plunge saw was easy to dive into the material and it left around 7 cm for the jigsaw. The jigsaw has a plate to slide back and it left less than 2 cm for the multimaster to cut.

The plunge saw and the precision jigsaw was missing in my shelf for a long time and i took both of them from Mafell. The plunge saw is a MT 55 cc and the jigsaw is the P1 cc. Though they have their price i enjoy working with them everytime.

Cutting with the plunge saw

Cutting with the plunge saw was fairly straight forwarde. Initially i wanted to use the track system. However it was very narrow to get the saw close enough and it would have caused some more headaches in this situation. The steps were flat enough to move the saw and keep the angles. A piece of wood was used as distance for uniform depth of the steps.

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