Freitag, 27. März 2015

How to use

Finally there is the current python code to control the shutters. It works like this:
  • define additional shutters if you need in the main section. E.g. r4=Rollo(4) where 4 is the id of the relais. Note that relais with id 0 and 1 is already in use by the polarity changer.
  • run as sudo python i havent set a user permission to use I2C other than root. So this is for I2C/SPI device access.
  • The four switches on the piface board have handlers on them. Button 0 is for all shutters up, 1 for all down, 2 for all to half and button 3 to switch all outputs to 0. To stop ongoing actions button 3 might be pressed multiple times (a TODO so to say)
On first use the shutters are not calibrated. On first use each shutter moves up and down once to take the time to open and close the shutter. When this is done, the actual request is served. For all the shutters the same action is performed (up/down/half).
Because every shutter is calibrated individually you can run shutters with different length and close times.
The INA 219 is really a very helpful vehicle for this. I haven't expected this.

It works pretty ok but for making it perfect i guess the current has to act as another switch off criteria, nut just for detecting strange situations. Also it needs to connect to an AMQP exchange to be controlled from outside as well.

Have fun and report your experience or ideas to make it better.

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