Freitag, 27. März 2015

good tools - good fun

I was quite inactive on this blog and it just reminded me when i was working on my staircase there the blog name comes from.

In the meantime we worked literally down a couple of tools and the cheap pieces are not worth the money. Swabians say the don't have enough money for cheap things. That was true for a lot of things we worked down or they declared being out of order before being worked down.

Since we do lot of things on our own u need to rely on your tools. Without any regret i can tell that the ones i have are worth the money. I will never give back my Mafells, Feins, Duss, Hilti. Not cheap but worth bargaining for ;-). Same on house installation, pipes and controlling all this - Technische Alternative UVR1611 - always.

I operate 8 of those at different locations and have one spare (never needed so far). One new UVR 16x2 is also there. But in case i need the spare, change personality in 5 minutes for the scenario they are used in and then continue operation.

So far i have one exception to my rule. This is an Aldi Dreieckschleifer - maybe even a clone of a real brand. That one gives its best to stay with me.

Next: More on the TA UVR1611 and data logging

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