Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

Descriptions of Inputs/Outputs

 There is one peculiar thing i haven't found out yet.

You can attach the in-out sensor and actor names of the UVR 1611. When you traverse the structure for the lets say the input sensor 1 there is a reference to a text field which belongs to sensor 1 and is the user given name. The thing is that when i read this string it looks _ (underscore) take the role of a space. In the web based logging a user can overwrite the sensor name if he likes. But the name reported is still available when opening the dialog to Adjust Sensors

For the time being i can live with that.

This is part of the data structure i maintain for a system. In the image below you see a setup where two UVR 1611 are logged in a single view. The naming and the allowed threshold are maintained for the entire system (where a system refers to everything what can be logged on this CAN bus)

{"aktiv":0,"variablen":[{"roh":"Pumpe-Solar1_","key":"2_1_a1","name":"Kollektor 1 Pumpe","range":[0,0],"allowed_range": [30,40], "rangewarning_active":true,"color":"#ff9900"},{"roh":"Ladep.SP._","key":"2_1_a2","name":"Ladepumpe","range":[0,0],"allowed_range":[30,40],"rangewarning_active":false,

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