Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

Web based logging of TA UVR 1611

I run a couple of TA UVR 1611 controllers. In the house of a family member it is installed to do logging and run the solar system. I installed one at this place because the heat pump system does not work very reliably and putting pressure on the one who installed it works so much easier if you have it documented. As time comes, the controller will take over further responsibilities, e.g. solar.

In the house of my father i take care of the heating but i am not onsite. I control this system using TA CMI, but i do the logging myself because it is so convenient.

All those UVR 1611 controllers have the CAN Logger attached. The logger pulls every two minutes the data from the controller, packages it and sends it via a messaging protocol to . Visit this site. It has a demo user to log in to an active system.

There is a service running which makes it easy to inspect the data. Now there is work waiting to be done to create more reports about cumulated time of active pumps, switched on burners etc. to judge the effectiveness of  a renovation.


  1. Hello, it would be interesting to see the code used/the protocol and messages used to read. Or is it just the ordinary Technische Alternative CAN documentation, available on request?

  2. Hi, i am going to give more details on this. Each active node sends NMT messages which are easy to understand. I was hoping that each controller pushes parts of its state as PDOs on the wire.

    Thats not the case and i got some hints about the object location to do proper SDOs against the subject of interest.

    I am expecting that the 16x2 has a different object dictionary and that creates some work.