Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

Plug and play character of UVR 1611 CAN Logging

I was asked what it takes to get CAN logging running. Note that i had a logging using bl-net running for some time. I installed that at my brother in law but messing with ip-addresses behind a firewalled network is not among the things i like to do. Thanks to CMI there is a convenient shortcut.

Less is more and i was happy about each component and each thing which has not to be configured to address reliability and a good user-experience.

So what does it take to wire up a CAN logger? Here is a quick ingredient list:
  • Raspberry Pi (all Pi's tried apart from RPi Zero)
  • 7 pole female-female jumper cable
  • MCP2515_CAN Module 
  • Power Supply
  • 8GB uSD card
  • Everything else is optional
My CAN client code lives in a hosted git archive. The code is comprised of some python and some C++ helpers for CAN sniffing and querying the controllers. Installing this by hand isn't actually in line with my expectation on simplicity. There are a couple of libraries used such as rScada libcanopen. Then python archives as well as utils have to be installed first before compiling.

I think in a first run there will be a complete image file including the distribution. So download an image, copy it on SD, plug in and run.

The recipe would then just to put the components together, attach it to ethernet, CAN_H and CAN_L and thats it.

Comments welcome

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