Montag, 20. Februar 2017

IndustrialBerry CAN Module

I found in my box CAN modules from IndustrialBerry. As mentioned in a previous post, i had a vendetta with the CAN stack based on MCP2515. At that time i had freezing connections every couple of hours. So i put the modules in one of the boxes you put things in you don't know excactly what to do.

I copied the SD card of a can logger and adjusted just a single thing, the frequency of the oscillator. The PiCAN and the IndustrialBerry i had so far run with 16 MHz. The 2$ ebay modules run with 8 MHz. The interrupt stayed the same.


# CAN Parameter

Just to make sure once more. The setup is just taking the latest Raspian image and adjusting the content in /boot/config.txt as shown above - very easy.

The IndustrialBerry module is a Pi Hat sitting properly on the Pi. This it is much more organized than the loose cabling of the 2$ modules. Second benefit, the Pi and a CAN module fit in most Pi cases due to their standard Hat size.

The latest install instruction on IndustrialBerry is in line with the setup procedure showed here using dtoverlay.

I got my module a while ago from this site.

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